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Why Choose Us?

Voted Best Home Health Care Provider 6 years running!

  • 2nd place - FLX Finest Home Care Provider 2022

  • 2nd place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2022

  • 1st place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2021

  • 3rd place - Best Place to Work 2021

  • 1st place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2020

  • 2nd place - Best Place to Work 2020

  • 1st place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2019

  • 1st place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2018

  • 3rd place - Best Business Customer Service 2018

  • 2nd place - Best Home Health Care Provider 2017

As chosen by Best of Region People's Choice Awards - The Citizen Newspaper.

  • Fully insured

  • NYS Department of Health Licensed




Access to Home Care has been a wonderful addition to Mom’s in-home ‘care team’ for almost 2 years. It’s truly taken a team, with all members working with the same focus, compassion and goals, to provide the care that has allowed Mom to maintain some independence while also offering support and help when independence is either no longer possible or safe. The very kind and compassionate care that Access has provided has also brought comfort to family members, lessening our anxieties, stresses and responsibilities that Mom’s situation has brought on. I know too that Mom is greatly comforted to have confident, capable and compassionate staff in her home, attending to her needs. I personally feel that communication has been the key to the successes of Mom’s care. The managing staff at Access want communication. They want to know of any issues, concerns, questions etc. They continually and consistently show that their collective focus is to provide Mom with the best absolute care possible. They do this proactively but also through very quick responses to family members questions or concerns. I strongly encourage anyone in a situation of navigating the very challenging care of a family member at home, to ‘team up’ with Access to Home Care Services.

Bill M., Family Member of Client

They are terrific. I cannot imagine getting better care than from what I get from them. They are very good to me. Right now I have a person who goes out of his way to make sure I have whatever I need. I have two caregivers and I love them to death. I am so grateful for the care they give me because I have had terrible brain injuries where I had four open fractures in my head. They are a real blessing in my life.

Michael, Client

Thank you to Access to Home Care Services, Inc. Can't possibly say enough about Mike McKay and his staff. I was connected to Mike a few years ago when helping an adult in my community. He found himself living alone after both elderly parents passed. Living alone, but most certainly not independent. Once we were able to first get him Medicaid, Mike was persistent along with us to get him on the waiver and supports into the home to keep his independence. Today, this man is doing things he never thought capable and is happy! Life skills such as laundry, housecleaning, decision making for himself, budgeting, banking, etc. It's made a major impact on his life. This post doesn't come near the engery, compassion, skill and problem solving it took to assist this individual. You will not find a more professional, person centered, compassionate agency than this one.

Kim S., Client Advocate

I never had a company that recognizes me like this one! My other agencies overworked me, but never recognized my work. Access does, and they respect their staff.

Latashia T., Direct Care Staff

I am very pleased with and thankful for Access To Home Services in Auburn NY. Since Sept, 2017, when my mom fell and fractured her pelvis, her goal, as well as our family’s, has been for her to live again at home. The Home Waiver Program along with ATHCS has allowed her to do just that. With the help of Mom’s service coordinator, Joe, we were able to get Mom back home with the care she needs. We are especially impressed with their transition procedures from facility to home. Mom was introduced to her aides for each shift, along with her assigned nurses at the beginning of her transition, in her own home. The staff there are dedicated professionals. Their priority is that Mom is safe and her needs are met, while she lives the level of independence that is best for her at home. Communication is welcomed, encouraged and made readily available there. I highly recommend this agency and am immensely thankful for the care they are giving Mom, so that she can live at home!

Beth G., Family Member of Client

I have worked for this company for almost 4 years. During that time we have grown from a company of 8 to a company of over 100. This agency truly cares about both the people they serve and the employee's who work for them. In 2018 we were voted the #1 Home care Agency by the Citizen Newspaper and also voted #3 in business customer service. This followed our 2nd place finish for 2017 best Home Care Agency. There are so many great people who work hard to make their communities and the lives of those in it a better place, and I am happy to be a part of that.

Brian T., Office Staff

We have had a very good experience with them in our home. I would recommend them to anyone. The caregiver will pull clothes out of mom's closet and match outfits together for the day. The office always gives us a heads up if someone is going to be late or if they are having coverage for the day. This caregiver is excellent. She is positive and upbeat and ready to help

Jerry S., Family Member of Client

They are a very professional home care agency. They care about the employees. They send you birthday cards and Christmas cards. They give you initiative. They compliment your work. They call to check on you to make sure you are okay. They keep you with work. I like everything about them. They have been very helpful and nice.

Lyndell J., Direct Care Staff

My brother is being treated by service coordination, nursing staff, and aids from your agency. This has been a very long hard road to get to the point we are at now. My brother John had a double stroke and was struggling just to survive. Once we got through this struggle came the debate of how to make it possible for him to go home and live alone with the disabilities that he is now facing. He has right side paralysis and TBI. We interviewed Joe and Ben and chose them for service coordination. Ben has been instrumental in helping figuring out all this staffing, paperwork, Dr appointments, etc.... Julie the nursing manager is wonderful and has a great connection with my brother. In the beginning when he came home things were truly tough. John has a very strong personality which is difficult to deal with for many. However as we worked together John is finally in a better place mentally and starting to accept his disability. The staff he has now are great and trying their hardest to ensure that he lives his fullest life to the best of his ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the assistance and showing that you truly do care!!!

Bernadine, Family Member of Client

I liked how the agency was very helpful in our time of need. Anytime we had questions they were always right there. We knew we could count on Access to Home Care Services all the time. The caregivers were very compassionate and helpful. The office staff always called back and informed me of any changes. The caregivers were very understanding and patient while the client was failing.

Nancy S., Family Member of Client

These people really care about the employee's and the people they take care of I'm happy to be apart of this company :)

Ranny P., Direct Care Staff

Access to Home Care is a great place to work. The Staff is AWESOME and very CARING in regards to the Safety of their Clients and Healthcare workers. All issues and concerns are handled and resolved in a professional manner by Staff. I would HIGHLY recommend Access to Home Care to anyone that has a passion for caring for people or have a interest in working in healthcare. They are a ASSET to Up State New York!!

Andrea J., Direct Care Staff

I've been working for this company for 3 years now. They really appreciate and respect all the employees and clients. Great company to be a part of.

Jennifer C., Direct Care Staff

My sibling and I did everything for the first year, which isn't easy. There's a lot involved with the care and they've helped tremendously. We couldn't keep ourselves healthy without Access to Home Care Services, Inc.'s help.

Andrea, Family Member of Client

Very good company. They care about their employees, and also they care for their clients. I would recommend them to anyone. So compassionate and caring.

Margo J., Direct Care Staff

I like that it is not a huge corporate company. They are run well, friendly, and take care of problems. They put extra money in the pay check and they go out of their way to tell you that you are doing a good job.

Justin B., Direct Care Staff

I like that the agency takes care of their employees. I liked that the training was done in a friendly environment and that everything was well explained. The teachers were available to talk to and you can get one on one training if needed. They give out incentives and bonuses for attendance. They will recognize when you help out and will send you a certificate and a gift card. The office is always very supportive and available. They always prompt in responding to your calls.

Annie M., Direct Care Staff

I’ve been working with Access to Home Care as a PCA (Personal Care Aide) for 4 months now and absolutely enjoy coming to work. I love all 3 of the supervisors they are all so respectful and understanding. The rest of the staff is great too. I am honored to be a part of this company. I will get calls from my supervisor just thanking me for all of my hard work, and I am really thankful for that.

Tori I., Direct Care Staff

I love the people that run the company and I love my clients. They hand out employee of the month and year. They appreciate their employees.

Justin J., Direct Care Staff

In the office they have good communication and they are good with their clients and their aides. They are understanding and friendly. Just all around they are a great company to work for.
They tell me all the time that they are thankful for my work. They have rewards if I become employee of the month. If I am on time and complete everything there is a recognition program where if I win it they do an article on their website. I also could win gift cards and all that. There is always someone I can call and contact day or night.

Trista W., Direct Care Staff

They call me out of the blue to check up on me and see how I'm doing if I need anything, and how work is going.

Sabrina J., Direct Care Staff

You guys are the Best! Thanks for everything You do!

Linda S., Family Member of Client

I got hired in January , Great Company to work for ,I am very pleased!!!!

Jennifer C., Direct Care Staff

I like that my caregivers are always checking on my well being and will remind me to do things that I need to do. They will always check in and see how I am doing.

Donald, Client

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