When you become a waiver participant, you are the primary decision-maker in the development of your goals. Together with your Service Coordinator and other individuals you choose, you select your service providers and other supports. The key to individual choice and satisfaction is person-centered service coordination.
The Service Coordinator:

  • Assists eligible persons to become waiver participants
  • Coordinates and oversees the provision of all services in the Service Plan, including waiver services and Medicaid State Plan services, as well as other local, state and federally funded educational, vocational, social and medical services.
  • Is responsive to the individual and helps the waiver participant identify his or her unique needs and goals
  • Promotes activities which will increase the individual’s independence and life satisfaction, while maintaining the health and welfare of the individual
  • Assists in the integration of the individual in the community of his or her choice
  • Helps in increasing the individual’s productivity and participation in meaningful activities in the home and community
  • Assists in arranging for daily living supports and services to meet the individual’s needs, such as the scheduling of Personal Care Aides (PCA’s) in the home, scheduling medical appointments, and recertifying the participant for Medicaid and food stamps